Start the Day With a Smile

New! Start the Day With a Smile CD

Whether you are a teacher, a parent helping children to learn school routines, or a child “playing school,” you’ll love joining “Miss Jenny” as you sing through the school day!

“We learn EVERYTHING with Miss Jenny. Her songs make teaching & learning FUN!” –Lisa Lipton, Teacher

“My children LOVE singing & learning with Miss Jenny!” –Lara Wilcox, Teacher & Parent

Selected FREE song lyrics, lesson plans & song samples!

1. Start the Day with a Smile
2. Work Out
3. Friendship
4. The Quietest Line
5. Healthy Food
6. Something New
7. Please Listen Quietly
8. I Can Follow Rules
9. Wash Your Hands
10. Time to Clean
11. End the Day with a Smile
12-22. Karaoke Versions
(Please revisit to view suggestions — Coming soon!)
23. Calming Music to promote concentration & relaxation