Skip Counting

Skip Counting With Miss Jenny CD

These skip-counting songs are designed to help students to memorize basic multiplication and division facts. Teach students that if they skip-count by the number 7 eight times, then they know 7 x 8, as well as 8 x 7. Since division is the opposite of multiplication, they can now understand that 56/7 = 8, and 56/8 = 7. Use pictures on the pages that follow to help children understand the meaning behind multiplication and division.

1. Count By 3’s
2. Count By 4’s
3. Count By 6’s
4. Count By 7’s
5. Count By 8’s

6. Count By 9’s
7. Count By 11’s
8. Count By 12’s
9. Count By 1, 2, 5 and 10