Science Songs

Science Songs CD-Book Set

Science Songs uses high-level academic vocabulary to teach pre-K-3 science concepts. Research shows that exposure to such vocabulary is a strong predictor of long-term school success. Karaoke versions at the end of the CD motivate children to read & sing independently. 70 minutes of music/64-page book. Recommended for grades pre-K-3.

Selected FREE song lyrics, lesson plans & song samples!

1. Deep in the Ocean
2. Animals in the Winter
3. I’m an Ant
4. Butterfly
5. Pollution
6. Dinosaurs Once Roamed the Earth
7. Animals in the Zoo
8. Camouflage
9. Plants and Animals
10. The Flower Song
11. What Will the Weather Be?
12. The Water Cycle
13. The End of a Rainbow
14. The 5 Senses
15. Three States of Matter
16. Experiments
17. Gravity
18. Nine Planets in the Solar System