Phonics Time

Phonics Time CD-Book Set

Phonics Time reviews letters and sounds and introduces children to intermediate-level concepts. Children learn short vowels, long vowels, advanced letter combinations, contractions, compound words, and more. Recommended for grades K-2, and for English Language Learners/Special Education children of all ages.Selected FREE song lyrics, lesson plans & song samples!

1. If You Want to Be a Reader
2. ABC Fun
3. Letter Sounds
4. All Rhymes End With the Same Sound
5. Beginning and Ending Sounds
6. Build a Word
7. Break It Down
8. The Sentence Song
9. I Know Words: Short Vowel Sounds
10. I Know Words: Long Vowel Sounds
11. Short Vowels
12. Long Vowels
13. That Magic E
14. I Know Vowels
15. Vowels and Consonants
16. 2 Words in 1 Fun
17. Special Letters
18. 2 Vowels Together
19. A Vowel Sound in Every Syllable
20. Beginning Blends
21. Ending Blends
22. Letter Tricks
23. Phonogram Funk
24. Who, What, When, Where, Why
25. _ight
26. Compound Word Whiz
27. A Contraction Has an Apostrophe
28. Homework Time