Math Strategies

Math Strategies Package

Our new math downloads are designed to help children understand important math concepts.

Children learn the concept of adding zero in “Zero Plus Any Number,” and they learn how to add 1 in “Add 1 More.”

They learn to count by ones, starting with any number, in the song, “Counting On.”

They learn the Commutative Property of Addition (the property that says 2 + 3 = 3 + 2) in the song, “The Switcheroo.” Encourage them to show their fingers as they hear numbers, and to switch their hands back and forth to show that we can add in any order.

Finally, children learn the concept of our base ten system through the songs “Making 11-20” and “Making 21-30.” Ask children to stand in front of the class when prompted to show how our base tens system works. Alternatively, ask children to show ones and tens blocks as the song plays.

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1. Making 11-20                    Add to Cart
2. Making 21-30                    Add to Cart
3. Add 1 More                       Add to Cart
4. Counting On                     Add to Cart
5. The Switcheroo                Add to Cart
6. Zero Plus Any Number     Add to Cart