Make Good Choices

Children learn to make good choices about health, kindness, and safety in Miss Jenny’s newest 38-song CD.Many songs have predictable lyrics and tunes, making them ideal for oral language development. Selected karaoke tracks allow children to develop their own healthy songs. Your FREE book includes all lyrics, along with teaching ideas to bring songs to life! (See “FREE Stuff!” section.)

Choose Health!

1. My Healthy Food Plate
2. I Will Eat All My Vegetables
3. Eat Some Fruit
4: Drink Some Milk Today
5. Water Is So Wonderful
6. May I Please Have a Carrot?
7. Breakfast Time
8. Lunchtime
9. Dinnertime
10. I Brush My Teeth
11. Make a Great Day Better
Choose Kindness!

12. Bully-Free
13. The Hug Song
14. Make Good Choices
15. The Kind Machine
16. The Golden Rule
17. Community Contributor
18. I Love Helping
19. Be Green
20. What Do You Tell Your Brain?
21. May I Please Use the Restroom?
Choose Safety!

22. Sun Safety
23. Where I Stand in Line
24. Fire Safety
25. Stranger Danger
26. Look Both Ways
27. How Do We Hold Scissors and Pencils?
28. Let’s Go to the Playground
29. Stay Safe When You Play

Selected Karaoke “Song Frames”

30. My Healthy Food Plate
31. I Will Eat All My Vegetables
32. Eat Some Fruit
33. Breakfast Time
34.: Lunchtime
35. Dinnertime
36. Make a Great Day Better    37. May I Please
38. Let’s Go to the Playground