Beginning Geometry Song Lyrics and Sound Clip

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1,2,3,4 corners, 4 sides … Strange!
Trapezoid, trapezoid,
I can remember a trapezoid.
I am feeling overjoyed
To recognize a trapezoid.

It has 4 sides like rectangles and squares.
It looks kind of strange, but don‛t be scared.
If you think and stare, you‛ll be aware
Of a trapezoid, a trapezoid.


2 sides are parallel. They go the same way.
2 sides connect in a funny way.
Those 4 sides look a little strange,
But at least you can remember the name.


Now you‛ll never have to be annoyed.
You‛ll remember the name. It‛s a trapezoid.
Don‛t be annoyed. Feel overjoyed.
It looks so strange but you know the naaaaame———–