A Base Word Is The Basic Word

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Teaching Tips for “A Base Word Is the Basic Word”

• Play partner games. One partner gets a base word (for example “puppy”). The other gets a color-coded prefix or suffix (for example “s”). The partners must decide if they can simply add the suffix to the base word, or if they need to change the spelling. Partners who get “puppy” and “s” cards may recall the rule for making puppy plural: Change the y to an i and add es. On a new piece of paper, they should write “puppy, puppies.” Next, they should write two sentences using the words. Finally, they should write down the rule that governs this spelling.

• Brainstorm other words that could fit into the pattern of this song. Write the children’s suggestions on sentence strips. Sing the class version without the music. Leave new sentence strips in a center, so that children can create their own songs independently.