Advanced Phonics

Advanced Phonics CD-Book Set

Children learn about plurals, past tense rules, comparative spellings, and more in this sequel to “Phonics Time.” This program teaches 2nd through 8th grade-level spelling patterns. Recommended for grades 1 and up.

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1. Read a Book
2. Plurals, Plurals, Plurals, Plurals
3. Ed Says, “Ed, d, t.
4. Past Tense Tricks
5. Double Consonants
6. Silent Letters
7. Le, El, Al, Il
8. It Is Not So Simple
9. A Base Word is the Basic Word
10. Prefixes and Suffixes
11. Multisyllabic Words
12. Short and Long Vowel Review
13. 7 Kinds of Syllables
14. Dividing Syllables
15. It’s the Schwa
16. Tur, Cher, Jure, Sure
17. Ent, Ence, Ency
18. Ery, Ary, Ory
19. Alphabet Sounds
20. Short Vowel Sounds
21. Long Vowel Sounds
22. Difficult Sounds
23. R-Controlled Vowels
24. Strange Spellings