6 Traits Writing

6-Traits Writing CD-Book Set

Children learn six components of great writing in 27 songs. The 64-page book includes lyrics to all songs, along with dozens of ideas for improving your children’s writing skills. Recommended for grades K-5.

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1. Choose a Big Idea
2. Writer’s Block
3. Beginnings and Endings
4. Main Idea, Supporting Details, Wrap-Up
5. First, Next, Then, Last
6. Writing with Voice
7. Does the Reader Feel How You Feel?
8. Write about Your Life
9. Who Will Your Character Be?
10. My Writing Flows
11. Colorful Words
12. Check for Proper Conventions
13. A Noun Is a Person, a Place or a Thing
14. Verbs
15. Adjectives Are Describing Words
16. An Adverb Describes a Verb
17. Pronouns Take the Place
18. What Is the Function of a Conjunction?
19. What Is the Position of a Preposition?
20. Interjections Show Emotions
21. An & A
22. Take Pride when You Write
23. Present Your Paper with Confidence
24. Write with Writer Rhino
25. Write a Book
26. Once-Upon-a-Time-Land
27. Classical Writing Music