Colleague Testimonials

What your colleagues say about professional
development days with Jennifer Fixman:


“Excellent strategies, presentation, demonstrations, and resource handbook!”
–  Kristin Walraven, K-2 Special Education Teacher

“Lots of practical ideas to take back to the classroom and start using tomorrow!”
–  Kathleen Burton, 1st Grade Teacher

“Great ideas!  Can’t wait to try them in my classroom!”
–  Sara Sendrey, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Fabulous day!  Jennifer is upbeat and updated!  She has lots of great ideas that are real – not too fussy or hard to do!”
–  Michelle Koontz, Grades 2-3 Looping Teacher
“Thank you, Jennifer, for all your enthusiasm!  Wonderful, practical ideas!  I would love to be in your classroom!”
–   Emily Reeves, 1st Grade Teacher

“Jennifer is brilliant and creative!  Her practical ideas and examples are just what I need!”
–  Julieta R. Dancy, Teacher

“Jennifer, your enthusiasm for teaching is infectious!  I’m leaving this seminar with many new ideas – proof positive that you can teach an ‘old dog new tricks’.”
–  Debbie Bernauer, Teacher

“Jennifer has a wealth of practical ideas!  My students are going to have a terrific time learning tomorrow!”  
–  Mignon Burke, Teacher

“Great ideas!  Thanks so much for all the wonderful information!”
–  Lorrie Tracy, Teacher

“Jennifer provides so many ideas that are useful and easy to do!  Her songs and posters are great!”
–  Kelly Irvine, Teacher

“I really enjoyed this seminar!  I learned lots of ideas that I can take back and use right away!”
–  Julie Hines, Teacher

“Excellent presentation with lots of practical ideas!”
–  Marlene Glass, Reading Recovery

“Wonderful ideas!  The songs are fun and a great way to get first graders involved and interested.”
–  Julie Ferguson, 1st Grade Teacher