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I have teamed with Deanna Jump to create an exciting new product. I was originally inspired by her “Guided Reading 101” packet. This packet features seven characters that teach reading strategies. “Eagle Eye” teaches you to look at pictures for clues; “Lips the Fish” teaches you to form the sound of the first letter of a word with your mouth; “Chunky Monkey” teaches you to look for chunks (letter patterns) in words…& more!

My students and I LOVED the characters, so I wrote songs about them. Next, Deanna added 101 pages of new, AMAZING ideas. Our new product is titled “Reading Strategies Activities and Songs {Beanie Babies Guided Reading}”. Please click on the title for more information, and for a preview of the “Lips the Fish” song.

Here are a few strategies for using these materials in your classroom:

1. Just play the music. Songs transform the atmosphere of a classroom, and children love to sing!

2. For SHARED READING time, project the full-color version of songs, and ask a student to point as the class reads. You can also print out copies of songs so that all children can follow along independently.

3. Ask children, “What do you notice?” after a song plays. One child may summarize the reading strategy. Another may point to the chart and say, “I see the letter b!” If this is actually the letter “d,” this is a great time to complement the child for finding a letter, and then to teach the letter “d.” Another more advanced child may say, “I notice ‘sh’ makes the /sh/ sound in ‘fish.'” In this way, all children will learn from each other, and you will get a chance to better understand your students’ individual levels and needs.

4. For GUIDED READING time, focus on the strategies in songs to figure out words in the songs! (Note that these songs are intentionally a little unpredictable, because I want children to use them as reading tools. Their desire to sing along gives children the motivation to READ along as they sing.) Next, use the tools in the packet to connect songs to books.

5. You may also include the songs in a READING CENTER. Children can point to words on the lyrics sheets as they play the songs. Feel free to create packets, so that children can flip through all songs. Again, use additional tools from the packet to reinforce concepts.

6. Children may also choose to read songs during INDEPENDENT READING time.

7. For HOMEWORK, children can read songs, describe strategies, and then use the strategies while reading other books with their parents.

***Customers have made so many kind comments about the songs. Thanks so much … You made my day! Here are a few:

“My students love these! I’ve heard them singing these songs as they’re walking through the hall. Thank you!! Just what I needed to help make another connection for these students.”

“This is great! We were already using these strategies. I can’t wait to add in the songs! My students LOVE to sing!”

“Yeah!! This is just what I needed to go along with my reading strategies. Thanks so much!!”

“You forgot to tell customers how to make the children STOP singing these cute songs when we’re done. :-)”

“My son likes all songs. He ask me to sing every day. Fun and creative songs! Thank you very much!”

“I can’t wait to use these with my Kindergarteners! All of your products are so wonderful. Thank you for making such great products that my students love! Don’t stop making them.”

This new product also works perfectly with my Early Phonics, Phonics Time, and Advanced Phonics Programs, available from the Products Page of this site.

Thanks for your interest in our new product…Please feel free to comment below!

Jenny Kramer

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