Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming soon. This can be a really happy time for many children–or a difficult time, if children do not have a mom at home. I’ve created a 50-page Mother’s Day packet to meet all those children’s needs. It includes blank writing prompts, as well as prompts for “mom,” “mommy,” “grandma,” and “mum.” It also contains the main “flowers-in-a-vase” craftivity, along with tons of other options…Purses, bears, candy, and more! This packet has been a best-seller on Teachers Pay Teachers for two years in a row. Please click on the image to learn more!

Mother's Day!
Here’s a sample of my NEW Mother’s Day song. Use the lyric sheet as a starting point for creating student-generated versions…For grandma, for dad, for siblings, and more!
      mother's day sample - Jennifer Fixman

Please follow this link to get the full version!

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