Holiday Math Fun!

As a teacher, I’m always thinking about…

  1. Ways to teach effectively
  2. Ways to make teaching and learning fun.
  3. Ways to make independent/center time EFFECTIVE!

One issue we all have with independent work time is that children may get all the answers wrong–and no one is there to correct them. Studies show that we imprint information in our brains if we repeat it over and over. “4, 8, 12, 15” … Not okay!

This is how I’ve tried to solve the problem this holiday season. I’ve created self-checking math centers. Children can cut out the centers, glue them into Interactive notebooks, and quiz themselves or others by lifting flaps. They can practice writing answers on whiteboards, and/or use manipulatives provided in the packet to prove that their answers are correct.

I’ve created several versions of the centers so far. This video was designed to show the interactive sections of my 3rd grade centers, but the ideas are similar in the Kindergarten centers as well. First and second grade teachers…I should have some ready for next year:)

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Click here for the Kindergarten math-tivities.

00 jpg 1 grade k christmas cover

Click here for 3rd grade 3.OA.A.1.

300 30a1 christmas cover

Click here for 3rd grade 3.OA.A.2.

400 jpg 1 30AA2 christmas cover

Click here for 3rd grade 3.OA.A.3.

500 jpg 1 christmas 30aa3

Finally, click here for the 3rd Grade Megapack!

Christmas Megapack NOT secured Grade 3 Jennifer Fixman Kramer_Page_01Thanks so much, & happy holidays to all!

-“Miss Jenny”

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Math Fun!

  1. I enjoy self checking stations when students do the work and then check themselves to alleviate misunderstandings. It’s a great way for students to learn how to check their own work as well. Thank you.

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