About Us

Hi, and thanks for visiting Edutunes! I began writing songs for my students 18 years ago after attending a professional development seminar. The speaker explained that children learn more, retain more, and love learning through songs. I was so inspired that I began writing songs about everything I wanted to teach. When California introduced its draft for the state standards 17 years ago, I wrote a song to teach each standard to my children.

At that time, teachers at my school really wanted tools to teach these new standards. I conducted a pilot study with 80 teachers (and over 1500 children) in San Diego, CA. Other teachers used the songs in their classrooms and gave me suggestions for making the music truly user-friendly and effective with children.

Since then, I have written additional music to align with the Common Core State Standards. I have also worked for various companies to promote using songs that teach, including Staff Development for Educators; the Institute for Educational Development; and the Bureau of Education and Research. Several companies, including NASA, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, Wizard Schools, and Pearson Learning, along with fellow teacher-authors like Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills, have licensed songs to enhance their programs. Currently, I am taking a sabbatical from teaching to pursue a doctoral degree in “Learning Design and Technology” so that I can continue to create effective tools that meet children’s needs.

Edutunes would not be possible without all the wonderful people who have helped along the way. Thanks to all the pilot teachers who have helped to make songs truly effective in the classroom. Special thanks to Lisa Lipton, one pilot teacher who has been instrumental in assisting with consulting, songwriting, and product development from the beginning. More thanks to Dawn Dershem and Mia Molinaro, two more pilot teachers who have offered tremendous support and guidance; to Bob Fixman, my father, who has taken over order fulfillment and given me moral support throughout this journey; to my husband, Robert Kramer, who supports my dreams to make a difference in the world; to my musicians, Randy Renner, David Beldock, and Pierre Grill, for your amazing work; to Bradley Clopton for your graphics; to Jason de Alba for your wonderful designs; to Newton Lim for helping me to write when I injured myself; and to the parents, teachers, and kids who make this business possible every single time they place an order.

I have used some profits from Edutunes to create more products–and also to help children world-wide through charitable donations. Two of my favorite charities are the “Make a Wish Foundation” and “St. Baldrick’s Foundation. I am also proud to support American workers. All CDs, DVDs, and books were printed in the U.S.A.

Thanks for inviting me into your home or classroom. Feel free to contact me directly at missjenny@edutunes.com.